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Absurdity reigns

September 12, 2012 Comments off

American ambassador to Libya killed

The protestors were actually protesting some video made by some jobless guy, which depicted Islam as a violent religion, and on top of that added some insults about their Prophet.

Fine… they can protest all they want. But rocket attacks and killings in response to a video? Overkill.

It is ironical that these dumb-ass protestors actually vindicated the video-maker’s standpoint!

Nithyananda’s ‘devotees’ file complaint

September 4, 2010 3 comments


Lol! So basically, Nithyananda’s foollowers (no typo here!) are thinking that there is nothing wrong with being bogus, but  want Lenin to be punished because he managed to get the proof for Nithy’s ‘gujals’.

This is going to be an interesting debate.

Was Nithyananda, a human, wrong to satisfy the urges of his senses? Probably not.

Was Nithyananda, a sannyasi, wrong to lie with a woman, while projecting himself to be a brahmachari to the world? Absolutely.

Was Mr. Lenin wrong to invade on the privacy of another person? Yes.

Was he wrong in trying to expose the falsity of a bogus sannyasi? I would say No.

Choices and perspective.

Nithy nonsense

March 30, 2010 2 comments

I wanted to put up an article on the recently, publicly disgraced Nithyananda (no Paramahamsa, no Swamiji… fair enough, I guess).

I had absolutely no interest in this guy even when he was writing articles left and right on several magazines. But I wanted to do some research in to this guy before putting up a post.

And I came across this text which was supposedly in one of the multitude of banners on the highways near Mysore…

I am not here to prove that I am God. I am here to prove that You are God.

I stopped reading after that one and decided this guy was not worth my time to write about.

But I still decided to put this post up so that I can display one of the most stupid captions I have seen in a long time.

Amusing news for me!

March 27, 2010 2 comments

I just happened to come across the news that Prof. Periyardasan, a well known ‘Periyarist’ atheist and TV personality, had embraced Islam. I was late in catching this news since I was very busy in moving back to my hometown and starting at a new job.

I personally have no sympathy towards the ideals of Periyar and his followers in the D.K (Dravidar Kazhagam). While doing my bahcelor’s degree, I had unfortunately been forced to be in the audio vicinity of these fools spewing their anti-brahmin and anti-hindu vitriol in the guise of atheism (Seriously, your ears will bleed at the words these people used. Curiously enough, nothing was said (mocked?) about Islam or Christianity! Probably because the speakers feared losing their lives?)

Now, it is amusing how a person such as Periyardasan would have had the change of heart now, steeped in so called rationalism all these years, to embrace Islam. The more amusing news is that this latest conversion comes AFTER he became and stayed a Buddhist for sometime. That’s a confused mind there, I say. A LOT of confusion.

I wonder how he will face all those people with whom he would have debated for his belief over all these years.

Spewing acid…

October 27, 2009 2 comments

This Vennari guy beats Pat Robertson! May God take pity on both of them.

I am left speechless.

Edit 1: I have several friends who are christian (some of them are ‘hardcore’).

Edit 2: Having faced several attempts to be preached at by christian missionaries during my 3+ years of stay in USA, I guess I can say that I know quite a bit on how they work in to your minds. Nothing wrong in preaching your faith… but the method’s that some of these ‘fundamentalist missionaries’ use are utterly disgusting. On the other hand, I have also had some pretty amusing experiences with them. Here’s one!

Misc. rants

September 30, 2009 1 comment

1) DMK fools are up to it again. These people will never improve… including their grand old man, who has given a new definition to ‘family politics’!

2) Our fellow citizens chew too much paan. There is even one called ‘Honeymoon special’ costing Rs.100 with ‘chittu kuruvi lehiyam’ (no clue on what it is actually, but claimed to be an aphrodisiac… ). *Quack warning*

3) There are too many ‘swamijis’ around. Those who want to get cheated, get cheated.

4) Too much of ‘light’ pollution… its been some years since I had a clear view of starry sky at night.

5) Too many people dig their nose and fart in public. The look on their face when ‘discovered’ is, well… I will leave at that. Nasty.

Begging and ego!

September 27, 2009 7 comments

This is probably old news, but here it is anyway:

These two folks beg and eat food purchased with the money received as alms. So what? There are millions who beg every single day. The only difference here is these folks go back from their one day outing with assurance that they will actually get their next meal.

Just another (weird) publicity stunt?

Note1: I don’t understand why, but there seems to be this belief that charity and social service is equivalent to spiritual development.

Note 2: Why would anyone want to lose their ego! If they meant to lose their ‘false-ego’, then it might make a bit of sense.

Note 3: The beggar get-up sucks on both of them… you want to beg, good for you!! At the very least, make it look realistic. Oh and don’t talk to reporters (just kidding!)

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Interaction on Gingerchai

August 30, 2009 1 comment

I have been involved in an interaction with authors on, on the topic of “Understanding the concept of God”.

If anyone wants to take a look, go here.

Meditation mania

August 29, 2009 12 comments

Why are people so much obsessed with meditation? Not just one type… seems like there is a whole bunch of hi-fi names floating around.

You can’t even get some quiet place to sit down for 10 minutes these days. And you can hardly stop thinking about work and family.

Add to this the myriad of programs available… not to mention the money you spend on them… is it even worth it?

Atheist or Intellectual?

August 22, 2009 54 comments

I was reading through a magazine last week wherein there was this in response to a reader’s query: “You need to be an intellectual to be an atheist!”.

Is that really so? Then, are all atheists intellectuals?

My friend in the blogworld, Ketan states in his profile that elements of honesty, introspection, analysis go into someone turning an atheist.

That made me wonder: Is it that one who is not an atheist is not honest nor does that one possess the gift of introspection and analysis?

Cannot one be endowed with all that and still be a strong believer in God?

What makes 2 individuals, having the same skills at analysis and ability to ascertain things and their causes, end up with completely different conclusions and yet lets them feel the other person’s conclusion is the wrong one?

Whatever happened to separation of church and politics…?

March 11, 2009 1 comment

or Mutt and politics, or Mosque and politics… whatever. But this article shows how absurd our ‘secular’ philosophy is.

One person has commented as follows:

Shame Shame on all who donot support BJP. A priest of a church can ask his followers to vote in the name of christ and a maulana can ask in the name of allah, but a sadhu cannot ask vote in the name of Ram!!! CPM, LJP, Congress, RJD can ask for votes to muslims and christains in the name of islam and christainity and become so called secular. When BJP asks for votes in the name of HINDUS, they are non secular!!!

I find it hard to refute his logic.

Conversion and dignity? WTH?

September 18, 2008 Comments off

“Because they have failed, they are trying miserably hard,” Mathai said, adding, if conversions gave someone respect and dignity, they were not wrong.

Source is here.

For the very fact that he hints that simply converting from one religion to another gives a person respect and dignity, I will have to give Dr. Abraham Mathai a huge thumbs down.

I don’t have any love for the Bajrang Dal or whatever… but to suggest something on the above lines but then carry out conversion based on faith makes the latter a pretense and makes it look like these guys are more interested in scoring political points and number crunching rather than providing any spiritual benefit to the misled (in their opinion, obviously) masses.

Oneness… yeah right!

December 30, 2007 10 comments

I don’t read tamil magazines a lot, but for the last couple of months I keep seeing in them advertisements endorsing what I believe to be the most dubious, nonsensical and probably the least appealing ‘divine couple’. Nicknamed as “Amma Bhagavan” , the male half has been around for a longer time in the name of “Kalki Bhagavan”… apparently the female half wanted in on the fetid glory showered on the male half by stupefied fools.

Propagating a preposterous and perverted philosophy of “Oneness”, all this “divine couple” and their group does is charge upwards of $5000 for their “oneness blessing” process trainings! (Damn! And here I am, having second thoughts about whether I should really pay $500 for my scrum master training! Life is strange!!)

And here’s the kill… from the FAQ page of the web site of the ‘university’ started by this… this… err… whatever

08. What is your response to the recent allegations against the movement?
We suggest that you follow your heart.

Yeah, follow your heart… fo..ll..ow.. yo..ur…! Nicely done! Couldn’t have thought of a better answer. Sounds like a Jedi from the Star Wars movies, doesn’t it? How else could they put the blame on the person if things went sour in the course of time for him/ her? “Hey! Your heart told you to join us! We didn’t! *shrug*”.

For those of you who would like to know more about these, head over to, where you can find a lot of information on this group and more.

The 600 crore Shakti Amma

December 30, 2007 28 comments

I have absolutely zero tolerance for the new age gurus who claim themselves and/or everybody to be God. Thirty-one year old Mr. Shakti Amma seems to be the latest addition to the list.

Claiming himself to be an ‘avatar’ (divine incarnation) of the ‘Narayani’ aspect, he has built a Rs.600 crore ($153 million) temple for Mahalakshmi (the consort of Lord Vishnu) and gilded the outside and insides of the temple with gold. The website of this new kid on the ‘I am a God’ block describes him as being capable of exhibiting mystical powers (siddhis) and that has done so many miracles.

*Sigh* As long as gullible people are around, these ‘avatars’ will never cease to manifest every now and then.


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