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Looking back… recycled.

This was posted way back in July 2004. I find it relevant even now.”Two years ago, this day, I set foot on USA soil. Looking back on the two years I have spent here, it may seem easy to say that I have made it this far, but the path was not a beaten one for me.

New places, new people, new standards. And of course, now I think that I have been foolish enough to have thought at that time that these would have no effect on me or the some of the people who came with me. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Curious things happen in new places and when you come in to contact with new people. Total strangers come to recognize you for what you really are, they respect you, even trust you without doubt whereas some decide that you should be kept away with a look of indifferent hostility on their face, even before they know your name. People whom you have known for many years… you would either see that your assessments about their character has been correct but mostly, you will find that many masks are rent open.

If there is something I have gained in these two years which has been worth all this trouble, it is the experience of the real world, away from the protective shields of my parents. Though I have been taught in theory, I have experienced on a subtle level that everything happens for good, but they need not be pleasurable. I have learnt that honesty, respectful attitude and compassion can win over people, notwithstanding the barriers of language, religion and culture.

I cannot go back in time and make things happen as I would have liked them to have happened, but I can and will use what these years have taught me to make sure I am able to stand up with confidence to the things that are yet to pass.”

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