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Cell phone etiquette

There are very few things that are as irritating as the ringing of cell phones in places where they ought to be in silent mode.

I certainly do not appreciate some third rate ‘gaana’ song blaring from the cell phone and the dreaded “Haaaaalllllo!? Ahhhnn… Aaaama saaar, naaaan thaaaan pesaren!” that follows the ‘ring’.

So, here’s some rules that I follow myself:

  1. Make sure your cell phone is fully charged… BEFORE leaving your home.
  2. Put your phone in silent mode. If the feature is not available in your phone, GET A PHONE THAT DOES HAVE IT!
  3. If you are in a place where you can coherently hear what other people are speaking, from a distance of 5 to 10 ft, you should probably NOT speak on your mobile in that place. If unavoidable, make it short and on a low voice.
  4. NEVER attend a call while driving. Its ok to miss the call and then return it when you have safely stopped your vehicle, rather than attend the call and make yourself or someone else end up in a hospital… or worse, kill someone else.
  5. Respect the rules when directions are given, in certain areas, to completely switch of your phones… esp. when flying… even the most respectful and learned looking people think it is fine to break the rules by speaking on the cell phones when asked not to.
  6. Keep your voice down at all times. Your mobile phone is not an instrument for anger conveyance, which is best done in person and in a private space.
  7. If the signal strength is low, end the call and try contacting through a landline phone from nearby. There is no need to inform everyone in the audible vicinity that you are having signal problems by shouting “Hello? Hellloo? Helllllllooooo? Kekaratha? kekilliya?”
  8. If these rules seem too much, you should probably consider deactivating your phone. 😛
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