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Six feet…

I was just over 5’5″ by the time I entered college. My cousins used to make fun of me for being the “shorty”. But nature changed its mind, I guess… and I stand at a ‘towering’ 6’1″ height today. I use the term ‘towering’ because in India, people are normally shorter than 6 feet. Especially those in my family. :PBut being this tall, and not exactly thin, has its own disadvantages. I am not able to drive the old car which we have… its pretty difficult to travel in the cramped seats in aircraft or the deluxe buses or the sleeper coach beds in trains. Hell, even the bed I sleep in is small for me by atleast an inch.

So, people, if you are worrying about your height, DON’T!. Unless you are less than 5′ tall. 😛

The grass always looks greener on the taller side! 🙂

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  1. December 23, 2007 at 1:55 PM

    Tall people have issues when they travel by trains too, specially the side births!

    But, hey since i’m not very tall, i feel being tall has a lot of advantages..more over, i feel TALL people stand out in crowd…

    Remember, AB, after all he is known for his height more than anything else!

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