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Reservation and self respect, social justice… whatever that means

The wordings used by the Supreme Court in slapping a stay on the reservation for OBCs are pretty strong. And they are right… it happens only in India… that communities line-up for being labeled as “backward”. So much for self-respect and sense of identity!

India’s hall of shame… the likes of V.P Singh, Arjun Singh, Ramadoss, Karunanidhi (oh and the communist idiots too) were (too) quick to react. Seems like the Supreme Court just put a dampener on their hopes of winning the next elections!

And as predictable he is always, the old man of TamilNadu thinks this is a grave injustice to the ‘oppressed millions’ and calls for a total strike. Does it happen anywhere else in the world, that a ruling government calls for a bandh? I haven’t heard about it.

I believe that E.V. Ramaswamy and his breed of politicians have done more harm than good by propagating an ideology of hate in the garb of social justice. He and his current day followers have come to follow the steps of very same evils they were meant to fight in the first place, by having taken up the exact weapons they wanted to destroy… ‘caste’ and ‘class’. And thereby they lose any credibility in their proclamation for social justice.

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