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Learning to live?

People are attracted towards yoga programs and self-proclaimed spiritual retreats for several reasons. For many, its a just a matter of faith. For some its the “feel good” and “brand” factors. But for a very few people, it has to be a matter of the credible aspect of truths about life that a particular person propagates. Many popular groups are just hazy, one-size-fits-all kind of yoga programs. From what I have heard people tell me, there’s less about spirituality than about making the individual feel good about him/herself, getting rid of stress or getting a mystic feel about oneself.

Personally, before one thinks about improving the way of life, one must think as to “why we live? What is the purpose of life?”. I don’t think this question is addressed… and if some do touch upon it in a tangential way, its mostly the same old “your life is what you want it to be” kind of stuff. Add a bit of esotericism and word play (like… “not expecting anything is also an expectation”)… and voila!!! You have people “oooh”ing and “aaah”ing!! Yoga, in the most direct sense, means to link oneself with the Supreme. Unfortunately, this is not even close to what is taught (or skipped) by the blatantly commercialized versions, rife with new-age cliches.

I have nothing personal against brand yoga practitioners or teachers. Whatever good they think is being done through their humanitarian ways, I am sure many would be very appreciative.

Its just that I do not have the same views of life and living as they do.

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