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Indian cricket… but whose money?

I am no hardcore fan of cricket. I do not follow any match schedules, I don’t sit glued to the TV every time a match is on. But I do like to see the Indian cricket team win, now and then.

So, India won the twenty20. Great! Wonderful! It sure should feel good to win the first world cup event in that category. Yuvaraj hit 6 sixes in an over! Wonderful again! It sure takes a lot of skill to pull such a feat. (But, you know, I would also say that it was just sheer luck too, to a good extent).

But with all the drama that followed the win, especially with the politicians getting involved, one wonders if people can get anymore insane! I wonder if these sportsmen will be summoned to campaign for these politicians once the election bells ring. The way the ‘fans’ (many of them are just hypocrites, I tell you) make it to be, they would have committed suicide if the team had lost. Worse, they would have probably lynched the team when it landed (seems like vigilante justice is becoming prevalent, isn’t it?). These people have partly proven the words of G.B. Shaw about cricket to be true… “11 fools playing, 11000 fools watching”. I am not sure about the team being made up of ‘fools’ but as for the other… make that 11 million… it fits the scale now.

Rewarding talent is all fine. But in a country where thousands starve through the day, spending money like water for just a cricket series win is disgusting.

Who’s money are they giving away so freely?

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