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Statues causing trouble

Ambedkar statue defiled. Tensions grip Bhopal

Hey, I have something to say to all those people who get angry because of their favorite leaders’ statue (not just Ambedkar’s) being defiled.

Please gather funds and build a watch tower near each statue. Appoint a watchman, a hunter with a gun and an umbrella holder. The watchman will be able to sound the alarm whenever someone gets within 10 ft of the statue. The hunter in the watchtower will be extremely useful to shoot down crows or some birds which poop on the statue. The umbrella man will be able to shelter the statue if it gets too hot or if it rains. This way, for each bloody statue, there will be at least 3 families that earn a living.

Categories: General, Politics, Rant
  1. Ramoji
    May 30, 2010 at 6:41 PM

    Why do we need billions of Ambedkar statues?

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