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Road trip

November 11, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

So, after a very long time, we decided to take our Santro and hit the road for a 200KM drive to a temple town. I have traveled that particular highway several times before 2003 but I was pleasantly surprised by the 4-lane roads, which were in excellent condition. It was completely divided by a median for the 120Km stretch we had to travel before turning away to country roads towards our destination. Before, it would be extremely hard to reach and maintain speeds of a 100Km/hr. But now, anything traveling below 80Km/hr is a nuisance on these roads! (For the record, we cleared the 120Km stretch in about 1hr and 20mins, including 2 toll gate stops and about 30mins to get to the city limits from our home 🙂 )

There are always problems though. People crossing the roads at random places, slow moving autos and careless two wheeler drivers… it is an extremely dangerous drive at night. Add to this the problem of the high beam loving freaks and you can hardly see the road or anything crossing the road about 50m ahead of you. Oh and the bloody bus drivers who think they should always stay ahead… every time you try to overtake them, they step on the gas, just for the heck of it!

But overall, it was an excellent trip and I really enjoyed the driving part.

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