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Obnoxiously obsessed

December 23, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

I don’t usually watch much of the regional cable channels (thanks to Discovery, NatGeo, HBO, CNN etc…), but while browsing through the channels yesterday evening, the “Makkal” TV caught my attention. There was this guy singing in a voice that would rival any bulldozer and his troupe was playing some really horrible music, if I might add.

I was wondering why the hell would someone want to publicly humiliate himself (and others) and then the lyrics caught my attention. He was singing in praise of tamil, in tamil, while berating people about using the “Northern Language” (presumably Hindi/ sanskrit here).

Then it suddenly dawned on me… this was just another tamil obsessed idiot, being paid for self-humiliation by a channel run by cronies of an equally demented crackpot.

Honestly, people need to have better idea of of “ideologies”!

(My previous article on Tamil Obsession can be found here)

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