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The Balancing act

There are so many fantasy novels and games wherein the world and its Nature are portrayed as a living, sentient entity. In such fantasies, there are people (often powerful Druids and Shamans) who can commune with the earth and its elements directly, call upon such power as to decimate the forces that pose a threat to its balance. I have read so many of such stories and cannot help but imagine what our life would be if our own Mother Nature is even remotely similar to how Nature is portrayed in such stories.

Nowadays I have begun to believe that most of the stories need not be fantasy at all. Once you give in to the idea that this earth can and will react to anything done to it, the consequences and scale of reactions of such a possibility are staggering. Even if you don’t believe it is sentient or is a living entity, it would be seem a possibility simply by holding true to the third law of Newton… “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”. Only in this case, it would be “Every action has an opposite but not necessarily equal reaction”.

It’s a frightening scenario. We already know we are the ones responsible for Global warming, don’t we? What if the tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, storms and such are just reactions to what we do to this planet? NO… I am not talking about divine retribution or a spirit curse on anything… just reactions by this planet to our actions? 

What if our Earth is really just trying to get back its balance, but no matter the cost (in our view)? 

Balance! That is the key word. 

Can anyone even begin to imagine how to contend with Nature’s powers… do anything against what it wishes to do? Are we foolish in even attempting to think about ideas to beat the power of the elements?

No wonder our ancestors were in awe and respect for Nature. I think I understand now.

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