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Communication… the essence

In my profession of Project Management, above all things, we stress upon one factor as being the key to a project’s success or failure. Communication. It is so important and crucial that Communications Management has become a specialty nowadays.

The point is proper communication isn’t just for projects. It is very relevant to our personal lives too. It does take a level of discipline, but when accomplished, you will see that your life in general would be much more easier.

When it comes to relationships, communication is paramount. When you commit to someone that you will call them by, say, 7PM… you better call! Otherwise you might come across as being negligent or easy going. If you don’t return a call from someone promptly, it will be viewed as being discourteous.

So, small things like returning calls promptly, keeping up timings, not indulging in familiar talk with newly introduced people at the outset, keeping people informed about delays in decisions or deliveries… these are very much relevant to everyone’s personal relationship as it is to project management.

Its a pity that many people can’t seem to understand this simple fact.

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