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It may not be common knowledge, but I am officially a Hyderabad-vasi as of Jan 02, 2009. Having shifted companies at a time when most people would cling to their jobs like a monkey baby to its mother, it was quite a dramatic entrance for me in to the New Year.

On New Year’s eve, I also came to know the person who would become my better half in a couple of months. That in itself was quite a huge change. And coming to a place where Tamil speaking shopkeepers and auto-wallahs seem non-existent was another huge change. My Hindi is getting a bit of dusting and polishing nowadays. I am sure most of the guys snicker once I turn away from the counter. But, what to do? I need to get my belly full, na?

And then something happened that I would not have expected in a million years… some idiot ‘chor’ broke in to my apartment while I was away at office. This was just a week after I settled down in the apartment. But, I pity that guy (or gal!!). There was absolutely nothing valuable in my home at the time… and so the cost of the breaking was just the 2 new huge locks I had to buy. oh well!

One thing I noticed about this place very quickly is people here simply love to eat meat! I usually walk to my dinner place and this one day, suddenly I saw a meat market where the road must have been!! Makeshift stalls, dripping (with whatever)… it was dark and the smell was so overpowering! OMG. Finding a place that serves vegetarian food is a problem here, especially on the outskirts of the city.

First impression: Outskirts, not good. City (at least whatever area I have seen), good enough!

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