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Only our fellow countrymen can think like this…?

Found something to rant about in the comments section here.

Frankly, one of the most stupid things I have heard in a long time. BTW, my comments are in ()s.

I find this discussion laughable as some one said before, ” the nano is meant to help Indians (Tata, specifically), not the environment.” Why is it our responsibility to take care of the environment when the sole responsibility for messing it up lies with Europe and North America (hello? You sound like the North Korean media which claims people in America are dying of famine)? Every Indian has the right to a high standard of living and if that brings the world down then so be it (Such a huge load of sentimentalist, pseudo-patriotic crap.). A ruined planet is better than an unequal one (I am beginning to think that this guy is really daft). Besides its time we started taxing every westerner to alleviate global warming! Go Tata

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  1. July 24, 2009 at 2:48 AM

    I can’t believe, someone could be so stupid! My conspiracy theory-laden mind makes me wonder if it was some Tata employee!

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