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Mozhi… repost

Just saw the movie “Mozhi” again today. As usual, this is one of the very few tamil movies that I have sat down watched without regret. I translated the song “Kaatrin mozhi…” from this movie a long while ago… felt like reposting it.

Is the wind’s language sound or music?
Is the flower’s language color or scent?
Is the ocean’s language waves or froth?
Are the eyes or lips the language of love?

If nature’s languages can be understood,
Human languages are not needed!
If the heart’s languages can be understood,
Humans need no language!

When the wind blows, there are no directions!
When love speaks, there are no languages!
Silence cannot be understood like spoken words!
Words spoken by Eyes, even God doesn’t know!
For the blowing wind, a shape cannot be painted!
The languages of love do not fit in cage of sounds!

The speech of skies emerges as droplets!
The speech of rainbow emerges as colors!
When truth loses its voice, tears become the language!
When femininity loses its voice, shyness becomes the language!
The time when sound sleeps, stars become a language!
In a heart where desire sleeps, every movement becomes a language!

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