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How did it come to this?

Why do we have to struggle so much to get our basic needs? People struggle everyday for years, claiming that they do so for the welfare of their children. In that pursuit, we take almost everything for granted, right from availability of grains and water to the fact that we will live on until a certain age. The moment something goes wrong, the express of life comes to a jolting halt.

We all work for a living… all the time, at offices, workshops, on the move, at night. We are connected to the web of information even when flying or on a remote island.Yet we don’t have time to sit down with our near and dear, why, even one’s own children when they need us most. Both parents are away at work when this poor child is kept silent watching pokemon or Ninja turtles on TV. And when the teachers complain that the kid had beaten up another or broken stuff throwing them around, the parents’ ire is shown on the kids!

Corporations spring up like weeds overnight and claim to provide ‘better products’!! Cut throat competition is seen as a virtue. Getting to the top spot in the market, by hook or crook, is considered an ideal worth anything in this world, even if it costs one’s health, family or even life. Greed knows no end, yet in the name of development only greed is getting developed. Why do we need 40 different brands of electric toothbrush or mattress? How does it matter whether you travel in a Benz or an Alto, when in the end all you want is to reach your office?¬† We see ‘we love our customers’ in supermarkets…. but NO!!, they love our credit cards! End of the quarter… oh, this deal needs to be done… revenue targets, beat the sales figures.. consumerism… consumerism… consumerism. This is consuming this world slowly and surely.

Why do we have to be like a machine, devoid of basic feelings of companionship to our fellow living entities? Why can’t we lead simpler lives? When did life become so complex that we get need counseling on the art of living? When did we become so hard at heart that we don’t stop to help an injured man or animal on the road? When did we become so short sighted that we would stand on the branch of a tree yet start hacking at the root?

Where is the purpose to this life? What are we doing here? How did it come to this?

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  1. mama
    May 30, 2010 at 6:03 PM

    Nice article.

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