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Ada kadavule! Oh my Isha!

August 27, 2016 Leave a comment

Isha Foundation has been in the news for wrong reasons lately. Parents are filing complaints with the police claiming that their ‘children’ (all aged 18+) are being brainwashed and are being held against their will.

If an adult, major citizen, wants to be part of an organization and get deep in to it, I think his/her parents have no fricking business saying otherwise. They need to stop being ‘protective’… and also stop thinking about this as ‘lost money’ or ‘economic support’. I might sound harsh… but seriously, if those guys and gals want to be that way, mind your business and let them be.

Of course, all the above can be ignored IF and ONLY IF there is HARD proof that they are being physically abused, raped, or getting drugged or forced in to illegal stuff.

But, as a general advice, Dear parents, stop interfering with your childrens’ lives! You had a chance to bring them to a path that you considered ideal… now that chance is gone. So stop fretting about them. Look forward to spending rest of your life well and fruitfully.

That being said, dear children of parents, in your quest for knowledge and bliss, don’t forget that you have an blood obligation to those who have sacrificed their lives for your good. In your quest to find the truth (be it Isha, Krishna, Allah or Christ), don’t ignore your parents when you have the chance to serve them well. Once they are gone from this world, no amount of self realization will help bury the guilt.


Sad state of affairs

March 29, 2008 1 comment

Students commiting suicide

News like the one above makes me very, very sad. Committing suicide in fear of exams? What must have driven those young minds to take such terrible, desperate steps? What kind of stress those kids must have been going through before coming to such a disastrous decision? And here we are, complaining about stress at jobs, stress in marriage and what not. We have thousands of crack pot stress relief programs to teach us how to ‘deal’ with stress, effective or not. What do these innocent kids have? Who is to tell them it is alright to have failures in life, leave alone in exams, as long as one doesn’t loses hope? Who is to encourage them to face failure and try again, without denting their confidence and self-esteem?

Education in India is mostly driven by strong emotions of parents who want to see their child ‘succeed’ in life. Parents, esp. in India think that hurting their child’s self-esteem by making negative statements about the kids abilities, like comparing their kids with someone else’s, threatening the child with humiliation in event of ‘failure’ (as defined by the parents), will actually make the child want to put in more effort and make the parents proud.

But what does a child know about pride? What does a child know about Indian family politics, where ‘status’ is determined by how much one earns and the name of the company he/ she works for?

Statements like

“If you don’t get good marks in the board exams, you will spoil your entire life!”
“All your friends will ridicule you if you don’t study for engineering or MBBS”
“Why don’t you get smart and have only the top rankers in your class as friends?”
“You have to put study efforts for at least 14hrs a day… 8hrs at school, 6hrs at home. If you don’t, you will not get good marks and then you will become worthless!”
“You got only 85% marks!! Miserable wretch! You are only fit to herd pigs!! May be I will get you 50 pigs… no, you won’t be able to do even that!”

don’t actually help a child! These kind of comments blows holes in the child’s confidence like a shotgun firing through a sheet of paper. It breaks the fragile minds, giving them a feeling that no matter how hard they try they will not satisfy expectations. Some also begin to believe that if they ‘fail’ in something, ‘they’ have proven to be worthless.

Instead of giving love and affection, parents end up scorning, beating and sometimes even endangering the child’s future as well as life.

I don’t usually see hindi movies… hardly, actually. But I saw ‘Taare Zameen Par’. Excellent movie. There is one statement in that movie which sums up the solution to problems faced by millions of children (Indian, too) throughout the world.

“Parents should stop burdening their children with the huge weight of their own ambitions.”

I completely agree with it.