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India, Culture and Rapes

May 2, 2016 Leave a comment

This was a good read today.


India denies visa to religious commission

March 8, 2016 Leave a comment

USA should focus on sending this commission to Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Russia and some of its own states?

All this brouhaha about Devyani Khobragade and Sangeeta Richard

December 20, 2013 Leave a comment

Devyani Khobragade Incident– Wikipedia link.

1) The key question is did Ms. Devyani knowingly and willingly make a second agreement signed with her domestic help fixing the salary for Rs. 30K per month only, when the original agreement shown for the visa purpose was based on the minimum wage as per US law – If the second agreement is real and verified, then the US government is fully justified in taking legal action against Ms. Devyani.

2) Was the US Justice Department correct in the way it handled the case? I don’t care. I can hazard a guess that there are too many people that get arrested visa fraud or perjury… Ms. Devyani did not have diplomatic immunity at the time of the arrest, so I don’t see how the arrest was executed to be a problem.

3) This whole noise of diplomatic row drowns another key player in this mess… the domestic help, Ms. Sangeeta Richard. Looks like she just got greedy and wanted to work outside of her stipulated job on off days. And she wanted to get a change of passport, visa to settle in USA. For this it seems like she resorted to harassment, blackmailing or whatever. If this is proven true, then she deserves to be punished by USA law (and Indian law) too. No wonder USA does not have visa free travel for Indians… will never happen, I guess. But I also am wondering how an injuntion and arrest warrant from an Indian court on an Indian citizen, conveyed through the consular channels were ignored by US officials.

Agreed that the USA government is surely not “balanced” in handling such cases with other country consular officials (Russia or Pakistan, as in recent times), or for its own hurried evac of accused personnel from its consular offices on claims of diplomatic immunity… but that is no reason for India to demand that the charges be dropped. In my opinion, the reaction from the Indian government is downright childish… and moving Ms. Devyani to the UN mission post haste is now making it look even more foolish. The most funniest reaction of all came from Mayawati madam, who said “I know I should not bring caste into this but the overall conduct with this girl was inappropriate. The central government reacted late because she was a Dalit”. She just couldn’t resist playing the dalit card.

People like both the “now-diplomat level” Ms. Devyani and the domestic help level Sangeeta (and the idiots who rioted in Singapore) are few examples as to why opinion about Indians is not too great in foreign lands. I have seen too many incidents that reinforce this thought… that we Indians are given a bit too much to a sense of entitlement, ‘above the law’ attitude and not being too concerned about ethics if things can get in their favor or can be hidden from public view, in general.

Debundling airline fares… who are they serving? people or corporates?

April 29, 2013 Leave a comment

Here is an article from LiveMint.

So, is it coincidence that the government suddenly pays heed to the ‘consultants’ (in this case, Nathan Economic Consultants) just when Air Asia just got clearance for it’s entry in to India?

I think not.

Karunanidhi worries about power cuts in Tamilnadu?

January 15, 2013 Leave a comment

I don’t think he actually worries about a problem which he is responsible for in the first place.

And… I wonder where his party bootlickers got the electricity to power all the fancy lights and stuff to massage his ego by “celebrating” the bogus “new” tamil new year on pongal day.

Power cut? What?

Absurdity reigns

September 12, 2012 Leave a comment

American ambassador to Libya killed

The protestors were actually protesting some video made by some jobless guy, which depicted Islam as a violent religion, and on top of that added some insults about their Prophet.

Fine… they can protest all they want. But rocket attacks and killings in response to a video? Overkill.

It is ironical that these dumb-ass protestors actually vindicated the video-maker’s standpoint!

To hang or not to hang

August 31, 2011 4 comments

There has been much hue and cry about granting mercy to the 3 persons in jail convicted in the gruesome murder of Rajiv Gandhi.

A girl immolated herself and died protesting the rejection of mercy petition by the President. There have been several hunger strikes (biriyani and sarakku (liquor) will be served at the end?) and protests being held here and there. The Tamilnadu assembly passed a resolution asking the President to reconsider the mercy petition, the High Court stayed the hanging for about 8 weeks, on legal grounds, mainly being focused on the 10+ year delay in the decision on the mercy petition.

The senile old man of TN as well as other Tamil groups have also taken up this cry for mercy… obviously, a political stunt. “Rajiv Gandhi would have spared death row convicts”… this is one of the statements given by a person who is the personification of Rationalism. How did he know this? Did he approach a psychic or a medium and talk to Rajiv Gandhi from the netherworld? Others call for mercy on humanitarian grounds, some arguing that death sentence itself should be abolished.

The case of Afzal Guru was also pulled in to this mess by Kashmir’s CM, Mr. Omar Abdullah. Of course this is a “democrazy”… so people can always claim what they want… that the trial was a farce, evidence was fabricated and so on. It is only expected that when someone gets a ruling that they don’t like, they always cry out calling the trial being biased and unfair.

To hang or not to hang terrorists… that is the question. Actually, there is no question… some of these idiots who are creating this scene just make it look like they are all purest in their intentions and are actually so softhearted.

A proven crime must be punished. This sort of dilly dallying will only reduce the trust people have in the system.

To people who claim capital punishment is barbaric and must be abolished… so is murdering or blowing people to pieces or bombing places!

Hang the terrorists, child molesters, rapists, arsonists, land aggressors, kidnappers, assassins… show no mercy. Oh, and please hang the Kasab guy too. I don’t want my tax money to be spent on fattening that butcher.