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Uri attacks and the pakistan ‘artists’

October 4, 2016 Leave a comment

Many pakistan actors earn their bread and butter using Indian money. And so they are expected to release a statement condemning the Uri attack.

This topic has been going on and on over the internet channels ad nauseum. So many ’eminent’ intellectuals have taken to both sides of the fence on this topic.

My view is that regardless of whether they condemn or not, chuck them out! They are part of the ‘trade’ that we engage with Pakistan. As part of the global initiative to isolate Pakistan, we should STOP ALL economic transactions with that country. For those who shed crocodile tears on giving peace a chance blah blah blah, go and stand as human shields to the terrorists at the LOC and get yourself shot in your nether parts.

No need for war… just squeeze them enough that the bloody barbarians who lead that country choke in their own vomit. Yes, the ‘innocents’ will suffer, but that’s the price they have to pay for not cleaning up their own garbage.

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Blogger killed by terrorists, again

February 27, 2015 Leave a comment

Avijit Roy was murdered yesterday.

‘Unidentified assailants’… I think pretty much everyone can guess who the murderers might be. Murdering a man for just speaking his mind is atrocious. Him being an atheist or that he spoke against religion is no reason for murdering him.

These terrorist murderers are deranged fanatic misfits, their mind lingering on the fringes of insanity driven by misplaced and misguided faith, their zeal born out of ignorance and lack of self analysis, their actions driven by sheer arrogance and sense of being right in murdering innocents that can only arise from intense bigotry that has been watered for years in their cold, black and Godless hearts.

May their deaths, when it happens, be a thousand times more painful and thousand times more prolonged than the ones they cause.

Kasab hanged

November 25, 2012 Leave a comment

I don’t get why there are so many people who feel he should have continued as a burden for the (honest) tax payers of this country.

It wouldn’t have mattered if this brainwashed, misled ‘brute’ was shot down during 26/11 itself, would it? So, may be these people think that the crores of money spent keeping him alive was all for naught, because it is now all a waste?

What’s the point, in any case?

Most people who speak of human rights are hypocrites… mostly, IMHO.

Absurdity reigns

September 12, 2012 Leave a comment

American ambassador to Libya killed

The protestors were actually protesting some video made by some jobless guy, which depicted Islam as a violent religion, and on top of that added some insults about their Prophet.

Fine… they can protest all they want. But rocket attacks and killings in response to a video? Overkill.

It is ironical that these dumb-ass protestors actually vindicated the video-maker’s standpoint!

To hang or not to hang

August 31, 2011 4 comments

There has been much hue and cry about granting mercy to the 3 persons in jail convicted in the gruesome murder of Rajiv Gandhi.

A girl immolated herself and died protesting the rejection of mercy petition by the President. There have been several hunger strikes (biriyani and sarakku (liquor) will be served at the end?) and protests being held here and there. The Tamilnadu assembly passed a resolution asking the President to reconsider the mercy petition, the High Court stayed the hanging for about 8 weeks, on legal grounds, mainly being focused on the 10+ year delay in the decision on the mercy petition.

The senile old man of TN as well as other Tamil groups have also taken up this cry for mercy… obviously, a political stunt. “Rajiv Gandhi would have spared death row convicts”… this is one of the statements given by a person who is the personification of Rationalism. How did he know this? Did he approach a psychic or a medium and talk to Rajiv Gandhi from the netherworld? Others call for mercy on humanitarian grounds, some arguing that death sentence itself should be abolished.

The case of Afzal Guru was also pulled in to this mess by Kashmir’s CM, Mr. Omar Abdullah. Of course this is a “democrazy”… so people can always claim what they want… that the trial was a farce, evidence was fabricated and so on. It is only expected that when someone gets a ruling that they don’t like, they always cry out calling the trial being biased and unfair.

To hang or not to hang terrorists… that is the question. Actually, there is no question… some of these idiots who are creating this scene just make it look like they are all purest in their intentions and are actually so softhearted.

A proven crime must be punished. This sort of dilly dallying will only reduce the trust people have in the system.

To people who claim capital punishment is barbaric and must be abolished… so is murdering or blowing people to pieces or bombing places!

Hang the terrorists, child molesters, rapists, arsonists, land aggressors, kidnappers, assassins… show no mercy. Oh, and please hang the Kasab guy too. I don’t want my tax money to be spent on fattening that butcher.

LTTE – Islamic militants nexus?

March 9, 2009 Leave a comment

Seems like this is…

November 2, 2008 Leave a comment

… my 100th post on the blog. Well… I never kept count of it, but just happened to notice it today.

Its been a really, really long time and two deleted blogs since I wrote anything really heavy… I mean, something which is sure to start fires in the pants of some people who might be reading this blog.

So. Here comes.

Anyone from TamilNadu would be very much aware of the current spate of hunger strikes and human chains… all being held “in support of the suffering Tamil people in Sri Lanka”.

Whats the deal? Seems like innocent “Tamilians” are caught in the war between the SriLankan Government forces and the LTTE. And I have seen the Tamil Actors’ guild call up a day of hunger strike, weep their tears, pledge money for assistance to the “Tamil Cause”. Blood relations, they call them. “Eminent” directors Ameer and Seeman were arrested a week or so before for speaking praises about “Annan (big brother)” Prabhakaran, the LTTE chief.

Karunanidhi, the chief minister of TamilNadu, is in a sad position. Neither can he vocally support LTTE, nor can he say publicly that LTTE is a terrorist organization. So, as brilliant he is, once the LTTE has been cornered in the north, he gave a loud call for ending the “genocide” against Tamils in Sri Lanka. And all of his “faithful dogs” (oh, the elected MPs, I mean) submitted token resignations in protest of the “genocide”.(I don’t even want to get in to describing the emotional drama put up by people like Vaiko of MDMK, Pazha. Nedumaran, Thirumavalavan, Ramadoss etc.)

A nice way to save the LTTE and at the same time score political points, no? Not to mention the distraction it provides from the current severe power crisis in TamilNadu, thanks to the inept skills of the Power Minister Arcot Veerasamy. (The funny part is he was very quick to put the blame on the previous Government run by Jayalalitha, saying that it had not done enough power schemes!!!)

So, where am I going with all these? I just have 2 points to make:

1) The war in Sri Lanka should not be stopped until Prabhakaran and his lieutenants have surrendered or are either captured/ killed. Much blood has been spilled on their account and leaving them free would guarantee another bloody decade. LTTE must disappear as a terrorist organization, completely, for peace to flourish in any place within Sri Lanka.

2) War is never fair. People will die, no matter the precautions taken. So, for all those idiots who wish to fan the much advertised flame of “Tamil” blood and whatnot, I say “Shut the f*** up!!”. No matter how much they cry, it is the internal issue of another sovereign country and you CANNOT dictate terms to them. Only thing you can do is to request them to end this war quickly and find a permanent solution. But making school children stand in heavy rain and blocking traffic for miles and miles makes you look stupid. (Oh and PLEASE don’t tell me that all the schools and colleges that participated in the human chain craziness did it voluntarily.)

To all those “Tamil” sentimantilists, I ask you these:

1) Do you justify LTTE’s methods and propaganda?

2) Will you send out your support only for another “Tamil” person? Why don’t you use your humanitarian concern and organize demonstrations and collect money in support for “humans” in places like Somalia… or support the democracy movement in Myanmar?

3) When you ask for Tamil Ealam for your “blood brothers and sisters”, do you also agree to the demands made by the militants from Pakistan who demand Kashmir for their “blood brothers and sisters”?

4) To the unscrupolous politicians… you people show too much emotion looking at the videos circulating around claiming how the Tamil people suffer in the war. Why now and why not before? This is a 30 or more year old problem… where were your emotions till now? Are you trying to save the innocent tamil people or the LTTE?

I have seen and heard so much crap the last few weeks, that my lips curl in disgust everytime I hear some politician fool speak about this issue.

Enough. May God save the innocent people.

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